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Feel free to contact us if your question is not answered below.

  • What grind size do I need?
    A "Fine Grind" works for espresso makers. Strong, bold & deep flavor. A "Medium Grind" works for Keurigs (with filter), Pour Overs, and Drip coffee makers. Most coffee makers are Drip. A "Coarse Grind" works for a French Press or Cold Brew. Many love the rich flavor a French press brings forth.
  • Where do we source our coffee?
    We usually have one or two certified Fair Trade or certified Organic coffees among our offerings, but we focus more on an internal set of standards called the Volcafe Way. The majority of our coffees are sourced by teams at origin that work with producers to implement the Volcafe Way. It’s a system designed to maximize farmer prosperity while ensuring environmental and social integrity (because when farmers aren’t earning enough money to feed their families, it’s hard to talk to them about properly recycling water, for example). We source using the Volcafe Way program. Companies we work with hire local people from coffee communities around the world and train them in things like agronomy and small business planning. Today, they provide classes, individual attention and technical field assistance to interested producers in their communities, at no cost or obligation to the producers. The goal is win-win: Producers achieve higher-quality coffees and increased farm yields, which improve their bottom lines — and more high-quality coffees exist for us to deliver to you. Plus, more than a certification that customers can feel good about, it’s a philosophy that can be verified by third parties and that, while still just a few years old, is already showing real, data-backed results on the lives of producers and communities.
  • Where do we ship to?
    We ship wherever you are. Your cart will calculate shipping based on your location. We never collect extra for shipping - I mean come on, it's expensive enough.
  • What shipping carriers do we use?
    We ship thorugh United States Postal Service (USPS) or United Parcel Service (UPS). Shipments are all sent on the same day: Wednesday. We've found that shipping one day per week allows us more roasting time and is more cost efficient.
  • How do I store this coffee and keep it fresh?
    Keep your coffee away from humidity in a dry place until brewed. Store ground coffee in a dark, airtight container for 4 weeks. Whole been coffee will stay fresh longer, up to a couple months in an airtight container.
  • Can coffee be returned or exchanged?
    If there is physical damage to the package or you feel it is unsafe to consume, bags of coffee can be returned for equal exchange of the same blend (or a similar blend of equal or lesser value). Coffee cannot be returned for credit or refund.
  • Do you work with corporate accounts?
    Absolutely. We provide fresh roasted coffee to hopitality, service and tech sector clients regularly and work with their respective billing departments.
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