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About Highland Coffee Co.

Highland Coffee Company Logo

We launched in 2022 with three goals in mind...

  1. Create excellent, artisan-roast coffee.

  2. Support the rescuing of children around the world.

  3. Keep it fun, keep it nerdy, keep it tasting as good as it smells.

When we opened our store, The Highland Bard, here in Estes Park, Colorado, our intentions were to keep our store authentic and true to our tag line - Journey Far. And we have. Our artists are from England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland or they are family & friends. And we're always expanding to include local artisans whenever possible. But what surprised us most was how many folks LOVED our small batch coffee roasts! We barely kept pace in 2020 & 2021 with our retail demand and online orders. To our regulars who always visit and purchase multiple bags each month... we heard you loud and clear.

So we expanded our roasting operations and launched the Highland Coffee Company. Each night we roast high in the Rockies to produce some of the best coffee you'll find. What makes it so flavorful? Slow roasting at altitude. Unlike most, we don't over-roast at extremely high temperatures to produce a quick supply. We take our time. Doing so allows the beans to release their oils at just the right time, giving you a full, flavorful cup of quality roasted coffee.

Whether you're preparing for battle against the Dark Lord or recovering after a day of questing, wrap yourself around a flavorful cup. Sláinte!

Who We Are


Morgyn Bard



David Bard



Richard Stephens

Chief Marketing Officer

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